As part of our renewed purpose to enhance Capacity Building and Knowledge Development in the Facility Management space, the President and selected Council members of IFMA, Nigeria Chapter visited ETIWA, Vocational and Training Centre recently.

The visit was facilitated by Provast in line with our collective resolve to grow an industry with skilled and well trained technicians and artisans.

Our visit will definitely provide our Association, Provast and ETIWA the opportunities to explore a sustainable collaboration as we are all committed to building the capacity of the technicians and artisans in the built environment with modern tools and techniques.

It is expected that they will also be learning new techniques, professional and innovative ways of technical service delivery in the Facility Management space.

As we commence the harmonisation of a fit-for-purpose framework and process to actualize the vision, we are confident that better days are ahead for the technicians with potentials and strong flair for excellence.

We will ensure the creation of windows of opportunities to learn and re-learn sound practical trainings that are available for Plumbing, Masonry, Block-laying and Plastering, AC and Electrical services amongst others.

Please join us as we continue to change the narrative and raise the bar in the built environment through impactful Facility Management services.