IFMA Membership

IFMA membership is open to anyone actively engaged in the application, practice, teaching and researching of facility management, its principles and techniques.

Corporate membership of IFMA Nigeria is open to all companies, institutions or organizations that are mainly engaged in facility management from designs through manufacturing and procurement to execution or in providing services and commerce including professional firms.

Membership is equally open to other corporate organizations that value their facilities highly and employs facility Management principles for their upkeep.

IFMA Nigeria has pulled together a good number of facility management professionals who today have through their individual and corporate membership ensured a relationship that is gradually shaping the future of IFMA’s high quality activities through training, lectures, facility tours, interactive seminars, education and research.

IFMA’s core purpose is to strengthen and advance the knowledgebase essential to leading the integration and optimization of the built environment worldwide. To realize its vision and mission, IFMA Nigeria has established the following goals:

  • Lead progress of the profession by forecasting and directing the course of facility management trends, needs and outcomes.
  • Sustain progress of the profession by supporting the success of practitioners through the best workplace-related education, information and interaction.
  • Represent the profession by advancing IFMA stakeholders through the process of awareness, recognition, interest and desire leading to utilization of FM.
  • Provide superior facility-related education, information and interaction.
  • Create greater awareness and recognition for facility management.
  • Guide the growth of the facility management industry.
  • Work with government authorities to improve the environment.