The Chapter through the Secretariat is providing a framework and structure
for further growth initiatives of IFMA.


IFMA Nigeria will continue to provide services to the local and international non-governmental development organizations, NGO’s, the public and private sectors.

The council has prepared programmes that will bring additional strengths in communication, marketing, community relations, and information technology that support skill sets among members and the society at large.

IFMA Nigeria Secretariat will be the point of liaison for graduates of IFMA training sessions and professionals.

This ‘alumni’ association will provide continuity, more opportunities for networking and upgrading of skills and knowledge.

We have continued to pursue our Charter with the Government with vigour and all sense of responsibility within the ambit of the law.

Let us fight together to establish an enduring legacy.

We have a duty and urgent need for a strategy to introduce Nigeria into the world of Facility Management, rescue our facilities from decay and deterioration and keep her efficient and beautiful.


Presently we have about 1095 Individual members and 72 corporate members. A minimum of 250 individual members and about 10 corporate members are expected every year for the next three years.

Call us: 01-4540575